Safer Internet Day


Hi Robins,

Can you tell me one thing that you can do to make sure that you are using the internet safely?

Mrs Mulherin

17 Responses to “Safer Internet Day”

  1. Isaiah Stephenson said:

    I know one fact that I know is that you can tell your parents .

  2. Alexandra Diaz Poma said:

    Hi Mrs Mulherin I know how to be safe on the Internet.You need to ask a adult before going to the Internet
    From Alex ,jace

  3. Vihaan Lingesh said:

    Hi Mrs Mulherin one way to stay safe on the internet is to always ask an adult when you want to go on the internet.

  4. Chioma Mbah said:

    Hi Mrs Mulherin you can keep safe on line by not saying rude words.

    Chioma and Nathans work.

  5. Klara Ngoma Kita said:

    Hi mrs mulherin one way to use internet safely is to not do things that are unkind

  6. Martyna Mac said:

    Hi mrs Mulherin.One way to keep safe is to aways click on websites or apps that you know will be safe.

  7. Aaron Louthe said:

    “Hi mrs Mlherin IT isfantasti when you use it safely

  8. Matthew Blen said:

    So sometimes when you go on the internet when you see a bad thing on the internet you tell an adult

  9. Cairo Gachette said:

    Hi mrs mulherin one way to keep safe is to if you see something that you don’t like you need to tell an adult strata away. And use Kind words

  10. Marsela Martini said:

    Hi mrs mulherin one way to keep safe is to allwise tell an adult if you are not safe in the internet .

  11. Audrey Oladejo said:

    To tell an adult if you are frightend or sad

  12. Mason Franco Williams said:

    Hello. Miss. Muherin if you see something scary tell an adult

  13. Raquel Freitas said:

    Hi miss mulherin. One. Way to safe in the internet is if you
    See someThing scary you tell your. Parents

  14. Tiemorah Brown said:

    Hi mrs mulherin one fact I know is that if you are not safe you can tell your family or someone you know

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